This Is The Vodafone iPhone 5 Pricing [Updated]

This Is The Vodafone iPhone 5 Pricing [Updated]

We’ve already seen Optus’ iPhone 5 pricing, so what does Vodafone have to offer?

First and foremost, it’s worth noting that if you buy an iPhone 5 from Vodafone, it won’t be 4G. It’ll be on the carrier’s recently announced 3G+ network. When Vodafone’s 4G network goes live next year, the iPhone 5’s 4G will be relevant again.

Here’s the full pricing chart:

This Is The Vodafone iPhone 5 Pricing [Updated]


  • Don’t ever go for Vodafone. It’s an honest advice from a 2year contract user (59 cap).
    I signed 2year Voda 59 cap on 2010 July, with iPhone4 16GB.
    At first, it looks like a great value, and it actually it is on paper. HOWEVER,
    once you sign the contract and you want to actually USE your phone, you get dead spots around Melbourne CBD (not to mention Glenferrie, Caulfield, etc) and their 3G simply doesn’t work.
    Your phone will always display 3G, but it just won’t work.
    Recently my contract finished (thank God) and went for Telstra Prepaid $30. Their 3G works everywhere including Underground City loop stations.

    • +1 to the above comment. Vodafone is shit, but the sad thing is I’ve become so used to Australian networks being so rubbish that everytime I change, the next one I move to is just as bad. I’m complacent.

      • @funk
        So true, I moved from Vodafone to Optus, and had zero data in some areas, moved to Telstra and my workplace is a Blackspot for Telstra NextG (3GIS/3TELSTRA worked fine though until they shut it down on 31/8). Now with a Vodafone MiFi at workplace because Telstra is unusable for data here and only 1/3 of calls go through.

        Recently tried Optus prepaid, data speeds are slowing down to a crawl at times, Vodafone seems ok for most places other than rural areas. Sticking with Telstra although their network is so congested now.

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