This Is The Virgin Mobile iPhone 5 Pricing

The first of the subsidiary carriers, Virgin Mobile now has its iPhone 5 pricing up, just like Optus, Vodafone and Telstra. Check it out here.

It's worth noting before you start comparing them that Virgin Mobile's iPhone 5 will run on the Optus 4G network. The only major carrier not supporting 4G for the iPhone 5 is Vodafone.

16GB iPhone 5

32GB iPhone 5

64GB iPhone 5

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    This isn't clear to me- do you pay the minimum, or the minimum PLUS the phone payment plan?

      the first column (You Pay) is the total cost per month, plan+phone
      the second column (Your phone payment + plan) is a break up of phone repayment and plan cost

      The price on the left is inclusive of the mobile telephone repayment, viz., the 16 G.B. plan for $59 is a $49 dollar plan with a $10 handset repayment. However it is easier to just consider as $59 including the telephone. Companies try to obscure everything these days, for example they state things along the lines of "you pay $50 but get $350 worth of calls", in my opinion that is false, you are getting $50 worth of calls, and they just don't want to tell you what $50 worth of calls actually equates to, they attempt to blur reality and create a notion of value.

    @Waspman - the cost in bold in the left column is the total amount you pay. So for example the lowest price, $47 in bold on the left, comprises the $29 for the big plan 29, and an $18 handset repayment.

    They are basically free on the top $89 plan, unless you get the 64Gb version which only costs $3 per month extra. Pretty good considering it's the only handset you can get 64Gb internal memory on at the moment (the SGS3 64Gb remains unreleased)

    Thanks for clearing that up for me!

    If Virgin are running 4G on the Optus network, it's more cost effective to get the Virgin $89 Topless plan vs the Optus $89 Timeless plan.
    Virgin give you the same unlimited calls and text PLUS 4Gb data vs Optus which only gives you 2Gb. Virgin also has $89 International calls included.
    How does that work that they can provide a better deal when they are running on the Optus network?
    I know who will be getting my money! I've got 15 year tenure with Optus now. They either match Virgin or I'm porting.

    I couldn't agree more with your comments regarding topless v timeless.
    I won't even discuss the dissapointment with vodafone.
    Virgin here I come!!!

    Plus any phone credit that you don't use, rolls over into the next month. E.g. if you only use $300 out of your $450 limit, the next month you will have $600 credit to use.

    Spoke to Virgin about getting my partner's phone upgraded to an iPhone 5, but they told us that they were not going to be getting stock until late November. This conversation happened last Friday

    do you have to pay 200 up front or just pay them 47 dollars

    The $64/mo plan for the 32GB phone is tempting, but it needs to be a lot more tempting to get me away from Telstra.

    So if you're going with the 32GB Iphone 5 with 2GB of data how much exactly would that cost?

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