This Is The Telstra iPhone 5 Pricing

Telstra's iPhone 5 pricing is now also up, and it follows the carrier's simplified Small, Medium, Large, Extra-Large plan structure. Check these out.

Here is the Telstra pricing for the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB iPhone 5:

16GB iPhone 5

32GB iPhone 5

64GB iPhone 5

Check out the Optus and Vodafone pricing.

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    Well, they were going to get my money... but no 12 month plans? I'll explore other options.

      So Phil, it cost me 368 to break my contract and re sign with them. sell my phone, Free upgrade

    No ones going to offer 12 Months Contracts on a Sell out handset trolololol
    Telstra can do 12 months plans but it would cost $116 Per Month for just a 16GB on a $60 Plan.

      Vodafone did last year...

      Vodafone are this year too. Any carrier offering an iPhone or a Galaxy S on a 12 month plan would have to charge more for the phone just to make up the halved amount you're going to be spending on the plan, since a good portion of the phones cost is included in the plan price.

    Better option, buy Samsung Galaxy S III for $519 from Kogan, buy 15 months prepaid (unlimited calls/sms/mms with 5GB data) for $365 from Red Bull Mobile = $884 total upfront = $59 a month.

    No contract, better phone, better OS, more data, owned outright = FREEDOM

    Repeat this process yearly.

    You can now win at life.

    No need to thank me,

      There are some who don't agree that Android is better than iOS.


        Yeah, people who have never experienced what OS freedom is... in other words, sheep.

          Tried Android, tried iOS.
          Prefer iOS.
          I use linux on my computer

          Stop being a douche and get over your fanboyism.

      actually that would work out to $811 because the 365 is for 15 months not 12

      365/15 x 12 +519

        I calculated the phone over 15 months instead of 12

        519 + 365/15 = 59

    Why sign up for anything? It's always cheaper to go with prepaid and buy the phone outright. Why pay hundreds for a paper bill and finance?

      Depends on your needs Sonny, I use almost 2GB of data every month, and spend nearly $800 on phone calls so the $80 plan works for me. Also means I don't have to spend $800 up front to get the phone I want, essentially I pay nothing for the handset (I do, as its factored in, but not as a separate bill).

    Would like to see the per-minute costs and flagfalls to see how quickly you'd burn through the "$600" of talk value.

    I still have trouble believing Australian networks still have these "flagfall"/connection charges.

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