Telstra Nabs Two 4G Motorola RAZRs

Telstra Nabs Two 4G Motorola RAZRs

Overnight, Motorola launched three new 4G LTE RAZR phones in the US. Australia is doing pretty well out of that lineup: we’re getting two out of three, with the baseline RAZR HD and RAZR M going exclusively with Telstra.

Both the RAZR HD and tiny RAZR M will be Telstra exclusives by the fourth quarter of this year. They’ll initially launch with Ice Cream Sandwich; Jelly Bean is promised by the year’s end. Pricing is yet to be determined.

Australia apparently misses out on the larger battery, larger storage RAZR HD MAXX model because it runs at the wrong frequency, so we’re told. Telstra has a sign-up page if you’re keen on getting updates on the two models that are coming out.

Alex Kidman travelled to New York as a guest of Motorola.


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