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While the big flagship smartphones keep getting more and more expensive, something completely different is happening down the budget end of the range: they're getting so much better. Here are a selection of phones that'll give you everything you need in a smartphone, all for less than $400.


Low-cost Android handsets are everywhere. If you're after a name-brand then you have plenty of options with options at a variety of different price points. The Motorola Moto E5 is a competent unit that ticks enough boxes to make it worth a look. Here's what I found.


Motorola's smartphone business has been through some challenging times. After the mobile phone business was spun off, it landed with Google who later sold it to Lenovo where it sits today. And while other brands have garnered plenty of attention, Motorola has continued to create some decent Android handsets. The Moto G Plus is the company's flagship smartphone and it's a great phone that won't break the bank.


Remember Motorola? The former telecommunications giant is launching two new Android smartphones into the Australian market tomorrow and they actually look pretty interesting. The Moto Z and Moto Z Play come with a range of modular add-ons ranging from a Hasselblad camera lens to a 70-inch movie projector. Here are the specs, pricing and availability details.


It's a never-ending battle working out which version of Android a particular carrier-supplied phone can be updated to. Motorola's latest effort should make it a little easier to pick which Android update applies to your phone.


Both Nokia (the Windows Phone 8-equipped Lumia 820 and 920) and Motorola (new RAZR models) launched phones in the US overnight. We know that Telstra will eventually get the RAZRs, but not how much they'll cost, and Nokia isn't disclosing any Australian release plans or pricing. Australian release delays are hardly unusual, but in this case there's a particularly clear issue: the forthcoming new iPhone.


If you're in the smartphone market, then you are truly spoiled for choice. Not to be left behind, Motorola Mobility has announced an all new Android phone and it resurrects the popular RAZR brand.


The Motorola Atrix isn't launching officially until June, but I've been playing with one for a week or so now, and I've just managed to root it after a frustrating search through old and half-arsed bits of information floating about the internet. Here's the complete step-by-step guide on how to do it.