How Many People Should Eat Pizza Hut's Plank?

One of Pizza Hut's current offers is The Plank — almost a meter of pizza in the form of three deep pan pizzas in a long square box. Clearly it's intended as food for a large group, but just how many people should you invite to the party if you don't want to absorb far more kilojoules than necessary?

You can choose any three deep pan pizzas from the Legends or Classics range, so the exact number of kilojoules will vary. Pizza Hut's online nutritional information also assumes a dough base rather than a pan pizza, so the figures supplied will be on the low side. The lowest kilojoule pizza on offer is the Hot N Spicy Beef, which has 5411 kilojoules. Multiplied by three, there are at least 16000 kilojoules on offer. Given the deep pan base and the fact that anyone ordering almost certainly won't repeat the inclusions, a figure of 18000 kilojoules would be conservative.

As Pizza Hut itself points out, the recommended kilojoule intake for an average adult is 8700 kilojoules. Assuming pizza is dinner and that you've distributed your kilojoules evenly across the day, this meal shouldn't account for any more than 2900 of those kilojoules. That number suggests that you would need at least six people to avoid pigging out (and eight would be a better choice to allow for variations in the size of individuals and the fact that bacon and cheese are hard to refuse).

That doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy pizza once in a while. Just don't order The Plank if it's only dinner for you and your partner.


    It'd be fine for two people, so long as you planned a little exercise

      You'd need to jog at 10kph for three and three quarter hours to burn off the excess. After eating one and a half pizzas each, you'd probably end up throwing up a few minutes in, and losing more kilojoules that way. long as you're ok with running for about 3 and a half hours ;)

    Crap it out. I'd like to see an informed article on laxatives and weight management. You SHOULD ba able to eat 5 or 6 of these if you invest the help of your lower digestive track.

      A majority of the kilojoules would be absorbed by the upper part of the intenstines and laxatives only work to either a) stimulate bowel movement in the lower intestinal tract (in which case only part of the kilojoules would avoid absorbtion) or b) stop water from being expelled through the intestinal wall and therefore create a more liquid feces.... Additionally, since the use of laxatives creates the illusion of avoiding weight gain, through loss of liquid and the occasional solid food matter still in the feces it is very easy for its use to lead to abuse (a form of bulimia). Laxative abuse on a regular can lead to dependence (inability to crap without laxatives) and cysts and the digestive system + a whole range of other digestive issues.

        Suddenly I'm not hungry ... problem solved

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

    Kendal, I LIKE where you're coming from.

    Ok, how about we ignore the kilojules and come back to the real world. How many people should eat this pizza? IE, how big is it compared to a normal pizza? If it's only double the size, then 3 people. If it's say 5 or 6 times the size then you could claim 8 people. Kilojules are a meaningless measure for foods like this, which are ridiculously high in kilojules per serving anyway, it's about how much you need to eat to no longer be hungry.

      So by the logic, you would usually eat two thirds of a pizza?

      ... Yikes.

        Yes at least 2/3 if not the whole thing. Are you a man or a mouse?

      The problem with this is that we are genetically disposed to crave more carbs than we can eat.
      (I think there was a post about this recently?)

    I am assuming that there is no heart foundation tick of approval.

    Cardiac Surgeons would love it. Keeps them in business $$.

    Such crappy food...

    Pfft, Give me half hour and ill knock it out.

      Yeah I'm with you mate. AND I wont do any exercise afterwards, OR get fat.

      Lifehacker - How do you feel about sponsoring a 30 minute Plank on Plank eating challenge?

    I used to get Pizza Hut every week. Switched to Pizza Capers now. Despite being 50% more expensive, the pizza is 10000 times better.

      I stopped getting pizza hut when you picked up a piece and a waterfall of oil came off it.

    I am pretty sure that if you look at that and compare it to 3 large pizzas that you will find that three large pizzas is better value for money :)

    Simple. Don't eat 'pizza' from Pizza Hut. Do yourself a favour.

    Off topic, but I'd spell it metre.

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