Google Maps Adds Cycling Routes In Australia

Google Maps Adds Cycling Routes In Australia

Get your helmets on! Google is adding cycling directions to Maps within Australia, letting you plot the best route from A to B on your trust bike and incorporating known cycle paths.

When searching for directions, you can now select cycling along with the familiar driving and walking options. You can also view a cycling layer to see bike paths in an area (dark green for cycling paths, light green for dedicated cycling lanes on roads, and dashed green for recommended roads) — just mouse over the layers icon in the top right and ensure ‘Bicycling’ is selected.

As regular readers know, I won’t be happy until Google Maps also adds public transport directions for every Australian capital city (Perth and Adelaide residents can feel smug here). But that doesn’t mean this isn’t a great addition.

Ride on! Cycling comes to Google Maps in Australia [Google Australia Blog]


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