Enable AirDrop Over Ethernet, Even On Unsupported Macs And Hackintoshes

Mac: AirDrop is a simple service for beaming files between Macs. You can make it even better with a simple Terminal command.

Simply enter to following command into Terminal:

defaults write com.apple.NetworkBrowser BrowseAllInterfaces 1

Then, restart Finder by typing "killall Finder".

This command will enable Airdrop file-sharing over faster Ethernet connections, and unlock the feature on "unsupported" Macs and Hackintosh builds. If you're attempting this trick with an older Mac, note that both machines in an AirDrop session, even if one is officially supported, will need to use this Terminal command in order to see each other.

Enable AirDrop on Older Macs and over Ethernet [One Thing Well]


    Will this break the wireless-only feature if I enable it? ie. if I enable it on my mac for use with other friends who also enable this, will I then be screwed for using my AirDrop with Macs who haven't applied this hack?

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