Delete Multiple Photos From iPad With Ease

Apple's iPad makes a good photo display and review frame, especially the third generation "retina" model. But what do you do when you want to get rid of lots of photos all at once?

Tech blogger Helen Bradley outlines the process for easily deleting multiple photos from the iPad, a process that doesn't entirely fit within Apple's usual "ease of use" guidelines. What you need to do is open up the iPad Photos app, select the album you wish to delete photos from (which will differ depending on whether they're imports, screenshots or pictures you've taken with the iPad).

Then tap the arrow icon in the top right next to slideshow, and choose delete. From there, deleting images is as simple as tapping them to select as many as you want to trash, hitting delete and sending them on their way. This should only delete them from the iPad and its limited memory; if you've got them stored elsewhere it shouldn't make a difference.

Bulk delete photos from the iPad [Helen Bradley]


    I was on holiday last week and used the iPad to look at photos taken whilst we were away. I can't seem to delete photos that I imported via the camera connection kit. Only photos taken with the iPad internal camera. If you want to delete ANY photos on the iPad (not just ones taken with the internal camera), you need to open the photo app, then select photos not albums. This will show all photos on the iPad. Click the arrow in the top right and then select which photos to delete. I found this info here:

      Correction......this doesn't work either. Seems that there's no way to delete impor

    Correction......this doesn't work either. Seems that there's no way to delete imported photos from the iPad without using a third party file browser app. Pretty stupid really.

      Further correction. It seems that if you go into 'events' in the photo app you can select photos imported via the CCK for deletion. Photos imported via iTunes still need to be deleted during an iTunes sync. Hope this helps.

        Aargh. Now it seems it will let me delete from an album. Have no idea why it wouldn't before. Almost seems that you have to delete one photo from somewhere to get it to allow you to delete from somewherere else. Note that I changed no settings and yet it initially wouldn't let me delete but now will!

    Is it feasible to use the "Select" technique to rotate a group of photos that you have imported in to your iPad? I was trying to make a quick effort of getting a cluster of pictures directly imported to a friend's iPad the right way up..

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