iPad CF And SD Card Readers Make Transferring Photos To iOS A Snap

If your camera requires the speed and durability of a Compact Flash card, this handy adaptor will let you transfer photos directly from Compact Flash to your iPad.

Apple already has a camera kit that lets you transfer photos from an SD card or via USB, but if you're using Compact Flash cards in your camera, Apple doesn't cater directly to you. Luckily, photo accessory maker Photojojo has put together a few adapters that not only let you use CF cards with your iPad, but even consolidates the USB port and card reader into the same device. They even have a consolidated SD/USB camera kit, which is more portable than Apple's (and at half the price). Hit the link to check out both products.

iPad CF and SD Card Readers [Photojojo via Laughing Squid


    Got a $5 from ebay and it works great

    My experience with several of these 2in1 card readers is that they no longer work since Apple lowered the power output of the dock connector.
    Have they raised the power again so that they work?

    Went overseas recently and got the camera connection kit. Very handy to have and store photos.

    I can confirm that these DO NOT WORK with the iPad2. Purchased both from Photojojo and neither adapter would show up at all, tried with two iPad2s with no luck. Buyer beware!

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