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Parents, Take More Pictures of Yourself

There are lots of reasons that parents — and yes, particularly mums — dodge the camera. We haven’t had a proper night’s sleep in multiple years, as the dark circles under our eyes can attest. Or we just woke up and our pajamas have holes in them and our hair…

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What Are Your Best Travel Photography Hacks?

Many of us have experienced these amazing moments when we travel, moments we want to capture forever — and then we take a bunch of terrible photos and ruin the opportunity to share or even just keep that moment as a keepsake. It’s time to change that.

40 Windows Apps Everyone Should Own

There are so many Windows apps out there, that picking a list of the very best, most must-install software for your desktop or laptop feels daunting. We’ve pored over pages of recommendations, countless forum posts, and lots of comments to come up with this year’s Lifehacker Pack for Windows, a…