Curl And Uncurl Your Toes To Help You Relax And Fall Asleep Faster

Sleep sometimes doesn't come by easily, but it doesn't mean you have to lie awake wondering if you'll ever get some rest. How-to illustrator Yumi Sakugawa shows us one way to make the process of falling asleep faster by curling and uncurling your toes.

Photo by Becky Wetherington.

She explains:

Curl your toes, hold for a few seconds, then uncurl. Repeat this movement to help realx your mind and body.

Perhaps its the monotony of a simple exercise in bed that puts you to sleep. For more unusual ways to fall asleep, check out her info-comic on Wonder How-to.

8 Weird Ways to Fall Asleep [Secrets from the Yumiverse]


    I've been doing this for years! But more for the fact that it creates a cool breeze so my feet don't overheat.

    I usually like to count reaaaaaly slooooooow until I eventually fall asleep

    Well you don't just have to curl the toes.. you can also tense up other parts of the body, or all of it for a short time.. hold it.. and then release it and as you release it, feel the relaxated sensation.. concentrate on that feel and let it absorb you.

    This is why I read this site. For all the ridiculous ideas, like putting peanut butter on a DVD, you get gold like this.

    Great tip!

    I came across this while trying out self-hypnosis relaxation techniques. It helps by relaxing the muscles in your feet, which are a lot more tense than you may notice until you try this. You're meant to work your way up the body to the forehead, but just doing the feet helps me a lot.

    Just like Die hard!

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