The Narrow Sanctuary Workspace

Tiny spaces can be very productive places to work, as today's featured workspace demonstrates. Simple Desks reader Paul Stanton converted a small utility room into his full-time work-from-home office — calling it a sanctuary away from noise from his toddler.

The bold green wall accent, lighting behind the monitor and simple pine desk add a serene aura to the room. Reference materials taped to the wall are a smart addition too, and they're literally within arm's reach. One benefit of working in such a small space is that you have no room for distractions.

Paul has a few more details about his workspace on Reddit.

Submission from Paul Stanton [SimpleDesks]


    I would get claustrophobic real quick in there and I'm not claustrophobic!
    Plus I don't like having my back to the door...

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

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