The Picture-Perfect Apple App Developers’ Workspace

The Picture-Perfect Apple App Developers’ Workspace

Today’s featured workspace is meticulously designed, elegant in its grey, white and red colour scheme, and incredibly slick — just like a great iOS or Mac app. It’s the home office of Mark Jardine, who runs Tapbots (the company behind Tweetbot) with his business partner Paul Haddard.

It’s so clean and modern looking, it looks like it belongs in Architectural Digest. Mark says of his space:

So for the first time ever, I have a place I can truly enjoy continuing the work we have done. I ended up going with Herman Miller corporate furniture because I was able to have it custom made to my office and style, and it was far cheaper and more durable than going with the “built-in” route a lot of people do for home offices. So here’s to another 5 years. 🙂

Continuing the workspace porn, here’s a look at the other side of the room:

The Picture-Perfect, Apple App Developers' Workspace

Home Office [Flickr via Mac Desks]


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