McAfee Social Protection Stops People Grabbing Your Facebook Pictures

Facebook: Don't want people on your Facebook feed right-clicking, saving and sharing your photos? McAfee is beta testing a Facebook app and browser plug-in combination which changes where your pictures are stored and lets you control how they are accessed and shared.

Facebook's privacy controls aren't particularly robust and the settings change frequently. McAfee's app works around Facebook's limitations by uploading pictures to its own servers, and letting you specify exactly who can see them. Non-approved friends will see pictures blurred in your Facebook feed; approved friends also need to install the app to view the unblurred images.

Is this a perfect solution that guarantees privacy? Well, hardly. It won't let you control the pictures other people upload that feature you, and it won't stop a determined image grabber using sneaky screen capture systems to access a picture. It also requires the friends you do want to share with to also install the app. The browser extension used by the app also only works in IE and Firefox; for me, no Chrome is a deal breaker. But if you can live with all that, it will make life harder for casual image grabbers.

McAfee Social Protection is free to use during its current beta phase.

McAfee Social Protection [Facebook]


    What about the photo capture programs on both Mac and Windows now? They completely jump over that wall!

      What, like printscreen?

      Yes this is a non-solution to a non-problem, but since it's marketed under the spectre of creepy stalkers and thieves it'll sell.

      It installs crap (aka, an addon) only works in firefox/ie and displays images using an object (Similar to how flash content is displayed)

      When using any print screen or snipping tool the entire web browser goes black preventing most attempts.

      It works for the moment, and disabling any part of the software causes the image to not load at all.
      For what it's worth, it's good, but it wont work on mobiles and it makes uploading stuff slower.

    I think this is a great idea, no longer will I have to put up with pictures of people so precious they're afraid of being seen on the internet.

    great solution apart from the "sneaky" people who've noticed the print screen button that's been on their keyboard for the last 40 years

    With 'smart' ideas like this from the people at McAfee, it's no wonder I will never use their security software.....massive fail McAfee

    The idea is a sensible one (securing pics by storing them with a third-party who has more granular privacy controls), but I don't think this implementation is really working.

    1) Print-Screen
    2) Any number of screen-grabbing apps
    3) Chrome > Right click page > Inspect Element > Resources > Frames > Images

    *Step 3* can bypass any image protection in my experience

    There's a far better way that provides 99.99% privacy protection: don't upload personal images.

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