Fishbowl Brings Facebook To Your Desktop

Fishbowl Brings Facebook To Your Desktop

Windows only: Fishbowl, the Facebook client demoed at Microsoft’s introduction to Silverlight 4, is now available for download — and it adds quite a few new desktop features to the Facebook experience, including badges, a mini news feed, and more.

At first glance, Fishbowl looks a lot like a reorganised, slightly better looking version of Facebook. Along the top you have the usual sections of Facebook — Home, Profile, Photos, etc — and on the left sidebar you have options for the window you’re in. Navigating these sections is just like Facebook’s website, so it’s pretty intuitive.

When you’re not actively browsing through Facebook (hey, you have to work sometime), Fishbowl has a great mini-mode window that shows you the most recent status update on your news feed — you can also scroll through the last 200 or so entries to catch up if you stepped away — but it’s a nice way to keep your news feed open while you’re doing other things.

The only issue I had with the client is that in full view mode, some pages (the news feed especially) are a bit slow to load. Not slow enough to make me not want to use it, but slow enough that I tap my foot for a few seconds in mild boredom. Also, for some reason, the news feed view only shows the live feed; it won’t show Facebook’s new news feed (which attempts, and does a good job I might add, of giving you updates for only the people you stay in contact with). It’s definitely a great client, though, and a fantastic use of Silverlight (especially considering it was designed as a trial application to demo Silverlight). Until more people jump on the bandwagon and start making desktop clients for Facebook, it’s definitely worth a look-see from avid Facebook users.

Fishbowl is a free download for Windows systems, requires Silverlight to use.

Fishbowl [via Download Squad]


  • well that was a thoroughly disappointing app. I think my biggest issue was the size of the photos and comments in the status feed. When you can only see two posts per page it takes forever to browse them all and the zoom out button just zooms everything out including the text size.
    And I’m sure it’s not just me, but the anti-aliasing on the text was terrible – especially when you started zooming.

    Another lose for Silverlight…

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