Facebook For Android Updates, Improves Privacy Controls And Adds Pull-To-Refresh News Feed

Android: The official Facebook for Android app got a major update today, adding the new privacy features that made it onto the site last month, pull-to-refresh on the news feed and some other select pages, and updated tagging and group sharing options.

Like last week's iOS update, much of the focus in the new version is around Facebook's new privacy and sharing options, all of which are now in the Android app. You have greater control over who sees what updates when they're posted from your mobile device. Those features also apply to the new tagging and sharing options. Now, you can easily post photos, tag friends, and check in to locations from the news feed.

The updated version of the app also lets you swipe left to right to navigate images in a gallery (instead of using the arrow buttons.) The new Facebook for Android is available now in the Android App Market.

Facebook for Android [Android App Market via Addictive Tips]


    This update also allows download from the market for honeycomb users once again though the experience is still just an oversized phone version.

    What's the deal with the SMS permission?

    Yeah, but now you can't tag someone in a post, only that your post is "with" that person.. like a check in style..

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