Welcome To Sleep Week On Lifehacker

Welcome To Sleep Week On Lifehacker

A good night’s rest is hard to beat. Throughout this week on Lifehacker, we’ll be sharing our best tips and tactics for ensuring you sleep well. Welcome to Sleep Week.

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First up, a little later this morning we’ll have the ‘what on earth happened?’ from Kotaku editor Mark Serrels on his (now aborted) Sleeping Like Superman project. If you’ve got your own sleep-related questions or tips, tell us in the comments or use our contact form.


  • I’d love to find something like the now defunct wake mate – a sleep pattern / biometric sensor that doesn’t rely on data estimates from a smart phone. Partly to do better alarms, but mostly to actually acquire some solid information about how I actually sleep.

  • I’d like to see an article on sleep trackers like the Zeo… whether they actually work, how each one works, which ones work best etc.

    I’m currently using my Fitbit Ultra as a sleep tracker, but it’s obviously not the device’s main function and I’m a little skeptical about how well it actually works.

  • Sleep apnea and CPAP machines is probably a worthwhile topic to cover (I was diagnosed and have been using a CPAP machine for over a year.)

    I’m also a big fan of the sleep cycle monitoring alarms. I find they seem to get me out of bed much more effectively than a regular alarm clock. I was using the Sleep Cycle app when I had an iPhone, and Electric Sleep since acquiring an Android phone. (I even recently got an old Android phone on the cheap via ebay to use as a dedicated alarm clock device in the bedroom. No having to go find my phone and plug it in each night.)

      • Yeah, but I usually put the phone in the cradle on my work desk when I’m home. Having to fiddle around with fetching the phone from there, then hoicking out the adapter wire from around the bed and plugging it in, etc was a friction to using it. A dedicated device that didn’t wander into different parts of the house made it a no brainer.

  • How about something on diagnosing sleep disorders? I rarely ever get a good nights sleep, and find myself tired preeeeetty much all the time, regardless of how much (12+ hours) or how little (<4 Hours) I get in a night.

    Yes, I am in consultation with my doctor, but ther's a wide variety of sleep disorders out there from the mild to the extremely serious. I'm sure some readers might be interested in hearing about them, how they're diagnosed, and how they might be treated. (Read: I'm not asking specifically for me, or my specific situation. It's just a general idea.)

  • Is there any benefit in wake-up lamps, an alarm clock that simulates a sunrise over 30 minutes to help you wake up in the morning. And where can you get a decent one in Australia?

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