Target Online Store Orders Have Been Delayed

Target Online Store Orders Have Been Delayed

What is it with major chains and delivering toy sales deals? A notice on Target’s web site warns that it is “experiencing a slight delivery delay with some orders”.

A similar issue plagued Big W last year. Granted, if you have ordered stuff and don’t actually want it until Christmas, a delay may not matter. But stores on this scale should be able to do better.



  • I made an order through target online. It took a little but longer than I would have liked but they didn’t have the stock inshore anyway. Was ver very happy with my delivery. The packaging was excellent. I would use again and I would definitely recommend. Very happy !!!

  • Mountain out of molehill? “Slight delivery issue” doesn’t sound like a “plague” to me Angus. On the face of it, I’d say well done to Target for being up-front about it. Others would be tempted to dust such issues under the carpet. How many of their competitors, online or off-line, have never had a similar issue?

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