Get Ready: Nintendo Classic Mini NES Will Be Sold At Target On Monday

How to buy the Nintendo Classic Mini NESImage: Kris Butler

If you missed out on the Nintendo Classic Mini NES when it was first released last month (you're not alone), then you might want to try your luck at Target's online store on Monday.

EB Games' website infamously crashed twice in two days as gamers flocked to the online store to place their orders for the Classic Mini NES. Only a small number of people managed to get their hands on one and it seems quite a few of them were scummy scalpers who are reselling the console on Ebay for hundreds of dollars. The retail price for the Classic Mini NES is $99.

The good news is Target has confirmed the highly coveted console will be on sale from December 12 at 8.00am AEDT through its online store. Vooks has reposted screenshots of Target Australia confirming this through social media.

There's no information on how much Classic Mini NES stock Target is carrying but if you want to be in with the best chance of scoring one, you should follow the retailer's instructions:

"This will be sold online only so make sure you're on your computer, set-up with a Target Online account and [get] ready to make your purchase! Don't forget the item is not secured until the payment is finalised."

You can set up your Target Account here.

[Vooks via Kotaku Australia]


    This is only helpful if you live in or can have shipped to Australia. They won't deliver outside of Australia.

      You know this is an Australian website right? Because it sounds like you're in the wrong place.. If you want "helpful" information then I suggest you try a website/company that's based in your home country.

      Good! =)

    FYI, when you setup a new Target account, you need to purchase something before your Credit Card details are saved.

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