Big W Halts Online Order Processing Until Dec 12

Big W Halts Online Order Processing Until Dec 12

Big W’s online shop front has become an unattractive Christmas destination after it announced it will be suspending order processing due to unexpectedly high order volumes. As a result, purchases will not be shipped until December 12 at the earliest.

The news of the delay comes via the Help section of Big W’s website:

Please be advised that, due to higher than expected volumes, order processing is currently running behind schedule. We will not be processing orders until next week and they will be despatched from our fulfilment centre on Monday 12th December.

You would expect Big W to have some experience regarding sales volume at this time of the year, so dropping the ball just weeks away from the world’s most significant date of present-giving is very surprising.

Fortunately, there are plenty of other places you can take your Christmas shopping dollars, so if anyone’s lost out, it’s definitely Big W. It also comes just six months after the store’s previous online blunder — selling discounted iTunes gift cards, minus the whole activated bit.

Customer Service — Order Processing Update [Big W, thanks Angus]


  • I ordered a vacuum cleaner recently and I didn’t hear anything for a few weeks. Followed up and found out that the “supplier” had delays. It sounds like they’re selling stuff without having anything in stock. I’ve ordered with them online with no issues before that, but won’t be using them again.

  • Not missing out on much… I doubt this is due to “large volumes” rather it’s “large volumes of complaints”. The photo processing has been completely broken for several weeks, tried to order a calender only to have it randomly delete images on final review, fix it and then find other pictures deleted. I also expect it delivered sometime in january like last year despite the claim otherwise (and with no apology… But I already knew that)

  • Wow, epic fucking fail right there. If I was a shareholder I’d be majorly pissed.

    I’ve got $10 that says some executive or senior manager will lose their job over this.

  • Given the spending on black friday\cyber Monday in the US, maybe this is a sign of consumer spending increasing and confidence increasing in Australia?

  • sounds like they are victims of their own success.

    and isn’t it better to be upfront about delays than just keep taking orders under a false promise and annoy everyone when they can’t fulfil on time?

  • You know what, in retrospect, while I still think it’s a massive error on their part to be in this position, at least they are communicating the situation.

    Thinking back on many online purchases I’ve made where I’ve ended up with seriously delayed shipping due to a sudden spike in orders, this is the first time I’ve actually seen someone fess up and admit they’ve fallen behind. I have to give them credit for that.

  • They were an epic fail before this even happened. I ordered two pairs of headphones for my kids which were supposed to ship next day. Shipping took a week and I received a kitchen blender instead – not even a shipping docket on the box. When I called – and was on hold for 30 minutes – the guy couldn’t help as they now had no stock and asked if I would mind returning the blender to a store. I told him this kind of defeated the point of ordering online and he said he would arrange a pick-up. Its still sitting at my work reception nearly a week later.

  • WoW !!! Amazon we sure aint here in sleepy old Australia…
    I buy a LOT of stuff online and am still frustrated and amazed at the poor quality of service and delivery from local Australian online retailers… big ones, and small guys too.

  • You got to love the backwards nature of Australian retail .. seriously these are the kind of hiccups you would have expected from a major retailer operating online back in the 1990s, not 2011 going into 2012.

  • i have 6 kids that are going to be very angry if they have no presents to open on xmas day and 1 super pissed off mummy who spent $880 on bikes and toys and when i ring them they say they’ll call me back and they dont!! so what am i ment to do from here? with a week to go i cant afford all new stuff!!

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