Repurpose A Contact Lens Case Into A Pill Caddy

Definitely not groundbreaking news, but if you're looking for a small pill caddy to keep non-prescription meds handy, use a contact lens case. Real Simple magazine's site recommends keeping your preferred headache remedy on hand and the other side can be used for antacids, allergy meds or whatever you regularly use.

Contact Lens Case as Pill Storage [Real Simple]


    "Definitely not groundbreaking news, but...". People, we've found Lifehacker's new slogan!

    I have some pills I need to take with me wherever I go, and I use a one of those small polypropylene cases that SD Memory cards come in. A quick buzz with the dremel removes all the inner mounting features and it fits into a wallet pretty well (or better than anything else I've come across yet).

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