Add Greenery To Your Shower With This DIY Plant Caddy

Add Greenery to Your Shower with This DIY Plant Caddy

Plants can go almost anywhere in your home, even your bathroom. If you don't have the wall or counter space for bathroom plants, add them to your shower with this easy DIY planter, made from a shower caddy.

This project takes only a few minutes from start to finish if you have the right supplies on hand. If you don't, they're easy to pick up at your local hardware store. Here's what you need:

  • A shower caddy that has suction cups and holes for drainage

  • Damp sphagnum moss (less heavy and messy than soil)

  • Fertiliser

  • Your plant of choice (ones native to rainforests work well)

Line the bottom of the caddy with moss. Brush off as much soil as you can from your plant before placing it in the caddy and adding moss around it until you're almost to the brim of the caddy. Sprinkle in fertiliser and install on your shower wall.

Botanical Shower Buddy [Instructables]


    Good idea, except for one thing: why should the suction cups on this thing work any better than any others? My soap and shower and toothbrush caddy suction cups from IKEA or anywhere else never stay up for more than a few weeks to months at a time, and then it's difficult as all hell to ever get them to stick again!

      This. It's the eternal torment of renters.

      Having said that, I just use a shower caddy that hooks over the shower head. Maybe you could place this thing inside one of those.

      Last edited 29/05/16 9:38 pm

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