Meditation Can Improve Your Memory, Focus And Productivity At Work

Meditation Can Improve Your Memory, Focus And Productivity At Work

If you haven’t given meditation a try yet, despite the many advantages we’ve already seen (including chronic pain and stress relief, reducing information overload and building a better brain), here’s one more argument for giving it a go: meditation may help you get more done at work.

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A recent study by University of Washington researchers (PDF) found that meditation training helped workers concentrate better, remember more of their work details, stay energised and experience less negative moods.

In the study, three groups each of 12 to 15 human resource managers were given eight-week training courses in mindfulness meditation, body relaxation, or the mindfulness meditation after being on a wait list for eight weeks (the waitlist control group).

Participants were then tested for their speed, accuracy and multitasking while doing common office tasks like word processing and sending emails. The subjects also recorded their stress levels and memory performance.

The meditation group outperformed the others when it came to reduced stress, focus and memory. The waitlist control group didn’t have reduced stress until after they did the meditation training eight weeks later. The relaxation group, oddly enough, wasn’t any less relaxed at work.

Although the meditation training involved a two-hour session each week, you could probably see similar benefits from just a two-minute daily meditation habit or regular use of tools like Buddify to help you get started in meditation.

The Effects of Mindfulness Meditation Training on Multitasking in a High-Stress Information Environment (PDF) [University of Washington via USA Today]

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