Why Meditation Relieves Chronic Pain And Stress

Why Meditation Relieves Chronic Pain And Stress

We’ve seen before that meditation can guard against information overload. Now new research shows how meditation works on our brains to help us focus more and possibly relieve chronic pain.

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MIT and Harvard neuroscientists found that people trained to meditate are better able to control “alpha rhythms” brain waves, thought to be responsible for minimising distractions. After learning how to meditate, research participants’ alpha waves were significantly amplified when focusing on specific body parts.

The findings suggest that those who suffer chronic pain — including stress — may benefit from meditation because of an increased ability to “turn down the volume on pain signals”. If you have chronic pain or stress, mindfulness-based stress reduction or meditation may help you ease that pain. (For a quick jump start into meditating, see our layman’s guide to meditation.)

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  • Meditation is a treatment that can be used effectively against chronic pain since reduces it efficiently. Findrxonline says on its website that you should use meditation rather than buy hydrocodone online as these pain become addicted to people taking them often.

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