Make A Tablet Stand From An Egg Carton

Reader Alan has a nifty addition to our collection of bargain stands for iPads or other tablets: one built from an egg carton.

Alan explains:

After a recent From The Tips Box shared one particularly good use for egg cartons, I thought I'd share another: a dirt-cheap (and surprisingly sturdy) DIY iPad (and other tablets I presume) dock. Apparently egg cartons come in different shapes, so you'll need one with a particularly prominent 'spine' up the middle. Not the prettiest of accessories, but the price is right.

Definitely need some hunting around for this: house brand egg cartons don't have those large centre pieces. Thanks Alan!


    Really? You'll spend $700 for a tablet and you are going to go on a hunt for the right egg carton as a stand ? Really?

      You'd spend $700 on an iPad and pay another hundred for a piece of plastic that will stand it up just as easily as something that costs practically nothing? Really?

    What tablet is that in the picture?

    What tablet is that in the picture?

      Yes, really.

        I can't tell if you're being sarcastic, but if you aren't It's an iPad 1st Gen.

    No, that is a bit of rubbished used as a prop. You could do the same with a number of different household items, just like this one, a lot of them could probably be found in the garbage or recycling bins. The important part is, you are not smart, you're just cheap and lazy.

      Wow, you're so right. I shouldn't be allowed to have nice things.

    Love your creativity. Tablet stands can cost up to $100, at least that can go toward a nice case to carry it around. I am using a picture frame stand for mine and it's working fabulously!!

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