Old Egg Cartons Make Great Tiny Egg Transports

Old Egg Cartons Make Great Tiny Egg Transports

Eggs are delicate little guys, and transporting them can be a nuisance. Luckily, Food 52 has a simple method for packing just a couple at a time, no extra equipment required. Just don’t throw out your old cartons, and cut them up.

Photo by Claire Lower.

To make a super safe, super cheap egg transport system, just cut up an egg carton to make a mini version. Secure it with a rubber band, and take those babies wherever they need to go. I recommend taking them to lunch and boiling or soft cooking them in a coffee mug for a protein-packed salad or rice bowl topper.

The Easiest Way to Transport Your Eggs (& You Already Own It!) [Food 52]


  • Late Breaking News: You can use an egg carton to keep eggs safe when transporting, instead of the regular use of an egg carton which is keeping eggs safe when transporting.

  • It’s a theory that’s not applicable across-the-board though. I put two cans into a used / empty 6-pack carton, and as soon as I picked it up they fell straight out and sprayed previous sugary alcohol all over my kitchen. The next two did exactly the same thing.

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