Keep Your Laptop Cool With An Egg Carton

If you're in dire need of some way to cool down your laptop and don't want to spend the cash on a cooling pad, Instructables has a simple solution in the form of some overturned egg cartons.

Flip some empty cartons over and you get plenty of airflow. Plus you won't burn your legs if you want to actually put your laptop on your lap. It's by no means the prettiest thing, but it's cheap, and gets the job done. An ugly setup is better than an overheating machine.

Cheap Way to Cool Down Your Laptop [Instructables]


    I doubt it cools your laptop down at all let alone stops it overheating. Is there any evidence to support it?

      Yes, because of the increased airflow, the heat is taken away more efficiently. The fan also gets more airflow and thus it cools down overall. Many overheating problems are due to the lack of airflow.

      Of course this would work. Airflow cools down computer parts, blocking the vents decreases airflow. By propping up the laptop you unblock vents and increase airflow, thus helping to cool down parts.

      Well, I think the idea is that the air is not pressing against a surface that doesn't allow heat to escape. The egg carton provides plenty of ventilation. You don't need a science degree to understand that concept, right?

    Yes it physically will work, but really... is it needed? Its not a 'hack'.

      Mine certainly need it. Not being able to afford a desktop PC of a good enough standard I'm stuck with doing my gaming on a laptop and boy does it get hot! (I use the area next to the fan vent as a hand warmer in the winter)

    Ikea trivet - the heat is conducted away where laptop touches metal bars and convected away by air gaps.

    I initially used the cake cooler rack but my partner wanted it back.

    The heat vent in laptops are on the side not the bottom. Show me some research and evidence that it works.

    I also would use this setup if you want to use your laptop on the couch or in bed because your sofa's cushions or the pillows, blankets and duvets (doonas / comforters) do suffocate your laptop's cooling abilities.

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