Brisbane Free Wi-Fi Network Still Expanding

As promised, Brisbane is continuing to expand its existing free Wi-Fi network, adding 20 more locations to its existing network, including King George Square, Post Office Square and King Edward Park in the CBD.

Picture by Robert Hoge

With free Wi-Fi also available at Brisbane Airport and on some Brisbane trains, right now the Queensland capital is sitting pretty when it comes to free city Wi-Fi. (I suspect the closest competition is Adelaide, which also has lots of city Wi-Fi and airport options courtesy of Internode.) Hit the link below for the full list of locations.

Brisbane City Council [via Courier Mail]


    Capped at 20 meg for 4 hours, great free wifi

    It wasn't that long ago finding a public phone - in working order - was all that easy. Give Brisbane a chance to Blosson. Not always the first, but usually the end result is world class. Can we have an annual free WIFi review for capital cities ? That would be Life Hacking usefulness :)

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