Free Wi-Fi Finally Arriving On Brisbane Trains

Free Wi-Fi Finally Arriving On Brisbane Trains

We’ve been hearing about this project since 2009 and there have been many delays, but it’s finally happening: Queensland has rolled out its first test train to offer free Wi-Fi service. If you’re a Lifehacker reader and you get a chance to try it out, let us know how well it goes. Thanks Dom for the tip![Queensland Rail]


  • @ Barry

    may i ask why?
    what will you use the wifi for. i use my phones 3g for all my devices throughout perths public transport, i personally dont see a use for free slow wifi

      • How does QR connect the wifi to the net? I would suspect using the same spotty mobile network(s) – but an external antenna will be better than one inside the metal box.

        One area is on the Gold Coast line between Coomera and Helensvale my Optus 3G sometimes drops out – but then occasionally I can pull 700KB/s there! So the spottiness depends on many factors.

        I thought the trial has been going for a while now anyway? Unless I’m tripping…

  • I heard about this a year or so ago and have never bothered to examine it, despite spending about an hour a day on Brisbane trains. There’s no information.

    Let us know what the policy for usage is, whether or not its monitored, throttled or restricted in any way, which services its available on and which trains. Letting us know it “exists” is like telling me that there’s free drinks being served at a pub “somewhere”.

  • A couple of Adelaide Metro buses carry a WiFi service, and have been for a little while. In a bus, and I assume a train, you’re limited to standard coverage, if that, so a WiFi connection is extremely useful. Also, don’t forget those using notebooks or iPod touches, or have a small data limits.

  • Tried this out in like February on a train from the Varsity station on the Gold Coast to Brisbane, saw a poster on the train advertising free wifi so i checked it out using my iPhone and it was wonderful! this will definately make my travels to Griffith South Bank next year alot more tolerable knowing i can read lifehacker and my other favourite websites on my morning trip.

    Keep up the good work QR!

  • On one hand, I’m annoyed that they’re spending money on this instead of ensuring that the trains run on time.. but then on the other hand, it would be a good thing to pass the time while you’re sitting there waiting.

  • At the Queensland state library they have had free wifi for a while.
    It goes extremely slowly.
    This is proably thanks to all of the university students flogging it.
    Although the range is impressive, apparently it is quite expensive for them to operate.

    But on the trains I haven’t checked for wifi.
    I’ll check on the train home this afternoon.
    My 3G reception is spotty at times while on the train.

  • Just noted no one has identified which train is the test train … look for SMU 261 (easily identified, its one of the new trains with 261 just below the windscreen – or you can see the number next to the passenger doors).

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