Brisbane Airport Offers Free Wi-Fi

This is welcome news: Brisbane Airport has free Wi-Fi, which offers fresh options for passing the time while waiting for flights.

Picture by Rae Allen

Reader Dominic emailed to tell us that Brisbane Airport is now filled with posters proclaiming a new free Wi-Fi service, and a quick browse around the Brisbane Airport site confirms it. This may well have been in place for a while, but I've never noticed it before. It doesn't sound a particularly generous offer — just 60 minutes in total in an eight-hour period and a maximum download limit of 28MB — but anything is better than nothing.

Prior to this, the nearest Brisbane Airport came to free Wi-Fi was on the platform for the Airtrain. Sydney and Adelaide both have reasonable free Wi-Fi options, but there are still airports like Townsville which charge for access. Travellers need to plan carefully.

If you've given Brisbane's offering a try, tell us about the speed and general performance in the comments. We'll test it ourselves when we hit Brisbane in a couple of weeks for the first 2012 Lifehacker Meetup. Thanks Dominic!


    Find a place to set up in any domestic airport close to a Qantas club and you get free wifi. Works a treat in Melbourne because one of the cafes on the inside (through check-in) backs onto the club. They must want you to use it, because there's zero authentication or limits (not even a splash screen), and they're openly transmitting it.

    Domestic or international..or both?

    +1 to Kendall, and I won't tell you where I use it, because I don't want it going away. ;-)

    Thanks, Bris Vegas, for making it a bit less annoying to be stuck in your airport between flights in the post-casual-entry to the Virgin Lounge era. Aside from the odd international flight home where the showers came in very handy, I mostly appreciated the Virgin Lounge for the wi-fi.Now I can hopefully (if it's in the domestic terminal) In Bar Go, and On Net Browse at the same time.

    I fly every 2nd weekend out of brisbane and if you go down to gates 21 - 26 I think it is where the Jetstar and Tiger and Alliance and the QantasLink jets take off the free wifi is avaliable there. I have not found the wifi to be avaliable anywhere else as yet unless it has recently happened in the three days I was last there. (Domestic terminal)

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