Brisbane Expanding Free Wi-Fi In Public Parks

We're always looking for extra places where we can score free Wi-Fi on the road, so this sounds promising: Brisbane City Council is expanding its offering of free public Wi-Fi to 20 public parks across the city.

Right now, there's already free Wi-Fi in New Farm Park and the Botanic Gardens, though interestingly different (and low) download limits apply in each location (60MB and 50MB respectively). By June next year, the network will also cover a bunch of extra locations, including King George Square and Post Office Square in the city. Given that there's already free Wi-Fi on the Citytrain network, Brisbane is looking pretty good in the Wi-Fi stakes.

Brisbane City Council [via ZDNet]


    I spend most sunday afternoons in New Farm park. I can safely say that I've never seen the council wifi point available or heard any of my friends mention it.

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