Takeaway Torture Test Day 2: KFC

Takeaway Torture Test Day 2: KFC

Day two of my non-stop fast food frenzy sees me moving from burgers to chicken. Yes, it’s time for a whole day of KFC.

If you’re wondering why I’m doing this, check out the first instalment.

Breakfast: Get It Yourself

As soon as I thought of this takeaway food experiment, I figured I’d definitely be doing a day of burgers and a day of chicken to start with. But there’s a potential issue there. McDonald’s (and Hungry Jacks, which plays in the same space) open at breakfast, so you can eat there three times a day easily. But KFC (the dominant chicken place) doesn’t. I found it annoying enough waiting until 0930 for breakfast, but that was the fault of my schedule, not the availability of food. With KFC, I’d need to wait for brunch. So there was only one thing to do: buy something the day before and heat it up for breakfast.

My chosen target for this breakfast was Popcorn Chicken, the mini nugget/bite things that KFC sells. I figured they’d be easy to reheat in a microwave, and different from what I’d have the rest of the day. I was worried that they might emerge glistening with oil, but I shouldn’t have been: they came out surprisingly edible, and made a nice change from muesli. I wouldn’t do it every day, but it’s far from the dodgiest breakfast I’ve ever eaten.

Lunch: Burger Panic

My original plan for Day 2 had been simple: popcorn chicken for breakfast, a burger combo for lunch, and some chicken pieces for dinner. But then my Melbourne schedule got in the way, and it turned out the only way to fit in the other things I needed to do was to pick up both lunch and dinner at lunchtime and eat them at home (home in this context being the friends I was staying with). Under the circumstances, I didn’t fancy eating cold or reheated chips. So I ditched the combo and instead purchased half-a-dozen pieces of chicken, which I could eat cold or reheat at my convenience. I ended up zapping two for lunch. Man, I like those secret herbs and spices.

Buying six pieces of chicken on its own is certainly not the cheapest way to eat KFC (unless you get the Tuesday deal that’s running currently): most of the combos look like better value. But I didn’t want chips or drink and I was in a rush, so I had to suck it up.

Dinner: My, What A Lot Of Chicken

Deviating from my original plan was helpful in the long run. Yes, I wasn’t experiencing the full range of meal options that KFC offers. But I also wasn’t wolfing down a lot of chips. It was a protein-heavy day, and I didn’t end up eating all four remaining pieces at dinner. But I also wasn’t going hungry. Given more time, I’d have gone with a wrap and got a few greens in for the day, but convenient food isn’t always nutritious, especially if you make rushed choices.

So that’s Day 2 down. Day 3 is going to be rather different: I’m dining exclusively at IKEA. Catch all the meatball-heavy detail tomorrow.


  • At least you got a) what you ordered and b) it wasn’t still raw.
    Since arriving in Perth a year ago I’ve visited a couple of KFC’s a few times. Each time hoping they’ll get a) and b) correct. I’ve given up now.
    Good luck with the rest of the week!

    • I seem to find food court based KFCs to be the best of all KFCs just because they aren’t rushing to clear the drive thru (leaving front desk to 2 people). There are some stores better than others, I seem to like one food court store in Perth I might go there every 2-3 weeks but every time they get it right, maybe because they have 2 people for each register.

  • How were you feeling by the end of Day 2 Angus? Were you feeling sluggish or anything like that or do you not think 2 days of fast food has made any difference to how you feel?

  • I don’t see how this is a fast food challenge, especially when you have this happening naturally amongst poor uni students, lazy singles etc. I myself used to go weekends on fastfood alone, armed with hungry jacks vouchers, whilst during my high school days I’d have McChickens every lunch during the week. I’m sure you will easily find someone who’s survived days or weeks on fastfood. Is the challenge the ‘difficulty in obtaining the fastfood’?

  • KFC Chicken is fucking disgusting. Their burgers are where it’s at. Surprisingly you can ONLY buy the chicken in the USA, no burgers what so ever!

  • Why not coleslaw or any of the salad options. What we be the difference if you fried chicken at home? What are you trying to prove? We all know that over consumption of anything is not good. A lot of herbs, vegetables and grains can cause a toxic affect on the body with over consumption. For example parsley can poison the liver and kidney, etc. There have been similar experiments done by heaps of people online. A group of busy working overweight woman wanted to loose weight. What they decided is they can eat anything they want from McDonalds as long as they stayed under there 2000 calories limit. All women lost weight, improved blood results and general well being. Pointless exercise.

  • servo food is the taparse express what about those munch trucks that go around all the industrial areas for the workers that want a cold pie thats about 5 years old ?

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