Takeaway Torture Test Day 3: IKEA

Takeaway Torture Test Day 3: IKEA

Day three of my non-stop fast food frenzy has a Swedish flavour, as I lurk in an IKEA cafe or two. Meatballs, anyone?

If you’re wondering why I’m doing this, check out Day 1 at McDonald’s and Day 2 at KFC.

Breakfast: Hot Stuff

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I also wanted to vary my locations a little, and that was more challenging. Melbourne has two IKEA stores: one located in Richmond, the other in Springvale. It is possible to get from one to the other using only public transport, but it’s not something anyone other than a maniac would do. I am that maniac. The cafe opens half an hour before the main store, but not too many people were in evidence when we arrived.

Breakfast was scrambled eggs, a sausage, bacon, tomato and hash browns. I splurged and had the baked beans as well, having skimped somewhat on fibre on the chicken-heavy day 2. As I was accompanied on this day by Master 10 (whose birthday party was an element of the Day 1 McDonald’s frenzy, I also got an extra tomato. Despite the prospect of a tram, train and bus ride before I got to lunch, life was going swimmingly. The free Wi-Fi also worked well; the speeds are nothing to boast about, but Master 10 happily used it to watch YouTube.

Lunch: The Balls Are Up

I hadn’t eaten in for every meal on either of the previous days, and IKEA wasn’t going to be the exception. I didn’t want to hang around shopping for several hours, and I didn’t want to retrace my steps and head back to Richmond either. It was time to take advantage of an option that I wouldn’t find anywhere else in this experiment: the ability to purchase the same ingredients and try and recreate them at home. It was time for the Swedish food market downstairs.

Dinner: Almost Home Cooking

The cooking process didn’t involve much more than heating the meatballs and rosti in the oven for 20 minutes and boiling up some water and cream to mix with the gravy. The results also tasted essentially identical to what I’d got in store, though on a volume basis they were even cheaper.

Day 3 ended on a happy and almost home-cooked note, but I have to admit: I’m falling rather too readily into the habit of eating the same thing even when there are lots of choices on offer. Is that going to be an issue when I wrap up with a surge of Subway?


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