Loop Your Wedding Band Through Your Headphone Cord When Exercising

Exercising isn’t that “comfortable” for anyone, but married people have one extra annoyance on their hands, so to speak: their wedding bands, which can get pretty annoying when you’re trying to lift weights or run long distances. Here’s a clever tip for avoiding that.

Redditor entropylad suggests just taking it off, but hooking it around the headphone cord of your MP3 player, as shown above. It won’t slide off either side, and you’ll always be able to keep an eye on it, which is nice considering those things are so darn easy to lose. A lot of commenters also recommend tying it to your shoelace, which can give it a little extra security (since it’s tied on with a knot rather than just looped around). Of course, having a system where you leave it at home might work out better, but this will do in a pinch, too.

I Often Forget to Take Off My Wedding Ring When I Go to the Gym [Reddit]


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