Button 2.0 Adds Headphone Cable Management To Your Shirt

If you've ever walked around with headphones — and chances are you have — you know the cord flies around a bit. Sometimes, in an unfortunate moment, it gets caught and causes all sorts of trouble.Clipping the cord to your short solves this problem, and now you can do that by simply upgrading a button.

Button 2.0 is a wonderfully clever idea. It's a button with a built-in clip that you can add to just about any shirt. All you do is sew it on like any other button and use the integrated clip to restrain your headphone cord when you're walking or running. It comes in several colours so you're not stuck with one oddly coloured button on your shirt. You could even sew these on to bags or other apparel to add cable management if you don't mind a little button sticking out.

For just a little over $US3, it's a cheap and wonderfully clever upgrade to something you probably never expected to change. The downside is that you'll have to add one of these buttons to every shirt you own, which may get a little tedious, but even if you don't want to take the time you have to appreciate this clever little adjustment to the everyday button.

Button 2.0 [Shapeways via Gear Hungry]


    1. Unbutton the button.
    2. Place the loop of the cord inside.
    3. Button the button up again.

    Exact. Same. Effect.

    Surely, this being Lifehacker, a tip on how to achieve this for free would be more relevant than spending money on a bunch of little buttons.

      You obviously saw the same article.

        oh actually I didn't. Did someone already beat me to what I said! haha oh well, great minds ;)

          Yup, me - that's exactly what I said... ;)

          Like exactly.

    Didn't you guys or Giz do this article last week? As one bright spark mentioned then (sorry dude I can't remember your name) simply undue a button place cord inside button hole and close again. No fuss no expense.

    Or do what I do - put the cord under your shirt. No sewing involved.

      Yeah this. Also it's less likely to then to get caught on something and get pulled out/mp3 player pulled out and fall to the ground.

    Put cord under shirt, problem solved.

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