Keep Extra Cord Handy With A Paracord Storage Lanyard

Keep Extra Cord Handy With A Paracord Storage Lanyard

Having cordage on hand can often save the day when your shoelace breaks or you need to tie down a piece of furniture as you drive it home. Paracord is the best type to keep on hand for general use, and as the video above from ITS Tactical shows, it’s easy to keep a hank of cord nearby using a storage lanyard.

Video by ITS Tactical

Paracord was originally used to connect parachutes, hence the name. It is thin cord with seven inner strands of cord; official military surplus paracord can support up to 550lbs, but the knock-off cord you find at bargain shops is fine for most purposes even if it isn’t as strong. In the past we’ve covered how to use paracord to create a luggage handle wrap, as a tangle-free headphone sleeve, and even as makeshift handcuffs.

The video above will show you how to make a standard lanyard that can be attached to your backpack, swiss-army knife, or flashlight using a girth hitch. You can’t rappel down a cliff with it, but it’ll probably come in handy some day.

Knot of the Week: Paracord Storage Lanyard [ITS Tactical]


  • This stuff will be useful for lots of things but I doubt if replacing shoelaces will be one of them. I say that because it seems like about 20 years since I broke a shoelace. Modern shoelaces are made of some tough stuff. Maybe they are made from paracord!

  • No doubt lanyards are extremely useful, especially the paracord lanyard! Boy, they’re durable! It never really crossed my mind to use it for a shoelace though…thanks for the heads up!

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