IT Salaries: Which Cities Pay The Most?

When you work in IT, the city you live in can have a major influence on what you earn. Peoplebank's most recent quarterly salary survey suggests that salaries have largely stayed the same, but there are some notable exceptions.

Picture by Torkild Retvedt

As you can see in the table below, overall salaries have remained fairly static in senior roles, but specific roles in specific cities can vary more dramatically. In Brisbane, if you're a senior business analyst, the going rate has dropped dramatically, from $125,000 in March to $100,000 today. Conversely, a senior J2EE architect in the same city could command $130,000, up $5,000 from March and up $15,000 from last September.

Here's the full set of data, in interactive form (you can click on table headings to sort or filter), with salaries quoted for June 2012, March 2012 and September 2011:

The overall lesson? The odds of getting a pay rise by switching jobs in the same city seem minimal right now.


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    I haven't even heard of half these positions. And no software developers? Systems architects? Network engineers?

    Those are the positions people care about, not this other fluff.

    The positions that you have displayed are all senior roles. IT has a handful of these littered around and they are more for large businesses.

    What about the Jack of all Trade IT people, the smaller businesses. There are more IT staff in these areas than big businesses. Show them instead because these positions are basically BS to me due to them never becoming available to someone like me.

    I'm an IT Manager (Jack of all Trades) and I don't getthing near to what those positions are getting.

    Also +1 to Greg

    managers? those aren't it positions. they are management positions

    No Hobart... Boooo!
    Tasmanians are Australians too. We have feelings....

      Its ok, Apparently us tassie's have become a self sustaining republic...

    What a waste of pixels!

    And you've missed a whole state...

    I am a "Jack of all Trade IT" working on VoIP systems, getting around 85k plus bonus after working in the role for 4 years. No sure how that stacks up, but its a fun job.

    Given that a significant proportion of IT developers, architects etc work as contractors, I do not believe this article provides an accurate representation of the earning capacity of IT staff.

    I def would want to earn more if I HAD to live in Syd!

    The gaps in the table suggest that there probably isn't a large enough sample size for this data to mean anything.

    Add that to the fact that the survey was run by a recruitment company and they are probably trying to entice people to switch jobs with them. This looks a lot more like simple publicity and not a true representation of the market.

    Hey Guys,

    If you go directly to the source, in this case the PeopleBank website, they have a lot more job positions in the freely available salary indexes.


      Thanks Hutsy, although on the downside it tells me I'm probably earning about the right amount, no leverage there!

    Looks like I'm underpaid! Not sure how well it'll go down when I ask for a $20k pay rise though!

    I am a jack of all trades IT guy making well above these numbers... It's an average...
    And yes probably with a small sample size, but there are larger fish at the deep end of the pool :-)

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