Which Australian Cities Offer The Best IT Contractor Rates?

Which Australian Cities Offer The Best IT Contractor Rates?

IT contractor work can offer flexibility and decent remuneration, but the rates vary widely depending on your skill level and where you work. Rates are up for business analysts in WA, but the news isn’t so good for NSW .Net developers. Check out what’s on offer with our interactive spreadsheets?

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Last month, we highlighted the typical full-time pay rates for a selection of jobs featured in the quarterly survey by recruitment firm Peoplebank. Here, we’ve examined the same roles and looked at what the typical daily pay rate was. (The full survey results cover many more positions; you can access the specific city surveys via the link at the end of the article.)

The rates are generally steady, though as a range is quoted in each case there’s potential for a lot of variation compared to your specific experience. Length of contract is also an important consideration (with a more senior role, it’s harder to imagine a short-term contract).

As with the full-time roles, the numbers quoted here are base salaries (so no super, bonuses or other extras). Figures in red show a fall in average salary since the last quarter; figures in green show a rise. Unlike the full-time roles, the figures aren’t divided into junior, intermediate and senior roles; instead a range is given.

Perth, Adelaide and Canberra rates are quoted by Peoplebank per hour; we’ve multipled by eight for a nominal daily figure. Peoplebank didn’t do any contractor calculations for Brisbane in this survey.

Do those figures compare with your own experience as a contractor? We’d love to hear in the comments.

Peoplebank Salary Index


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