What IT Pro Roles Pay Across Australia

What IT Pro Roles Pay Across Australia

If you’re thinking about changing IT jobs for a more senior position, moving to Brisbane may not be your best bet. What do key roles pay in major capital cities in Australia?

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The latest quarterly survey by recruitment firm Peoplebank of full-time salaries paid for IT roles suggests that demand and pay rates are largely steady across Australia. However, there are some notable variations, especially in less populated cities. Queensland salaries have fallen by around 5 per cent, WA salaries have increased in some roles, and most other states remain stable.

We’ve highlighted a selection of the salary figures in the table below. The numbers quoted here are base salaries (so no super, bonuses or other extras). Figures in red show a fall in average salary since the last quarter; figures in green show a rise. Peoplebank defines senior as more than five years experience, intermediate as three to five years, and junior as under three years in the role.

How do those figures match with your own experience? Tell us in the comments.

Peoplebank Salary Index


  • Looks like Hobart has been left off the list again… 🙁

    Nevermind, I can see anyway that moving to the mainland would give me a pay increase of about $20k/year.

  • I’d take this as an indicator that I could earn more, but…

    These figures are contractor rates only, don’t count for superannuation, management, bonus’, etc.

    I’m sitting on top of the (average?) rates, can live.

    • Er… I very highly doubt any of those are contractor rates.. If you’re earning less than that as a full time employee, then you’re quite likely very inexperienced (we’ve all been there), or undervaluing your market worth..

  • I actually think this is pretty accurate, which surprises me.. there’s a high demand for experience in Perth currently, which is feeding some pretty extreme salaries for what are actually fairly mundane but specialized roles.

    I interviewed for a job recently where the salary alone was over 100k for a medium level job role in business analytics. Not bad for a 25 year old guy with no uni degree to be one of the 4 applicants out of ~30 considered. (PS: I personally find it good to ask questions like those, even when I didn’t get the job)

    I disagree with the senior IT manager role though.. Perhaps they mean something other than what the job title usually means, since I know ICT managers (more responsibility) who have worked in the role for up to 10 years who earn.. far less than that.. But at the same time, they are in demand, so who knows!

    • When posting this the excel plugin for some reason tried to make a request to its services, which as HTTP requests sometimes do, stalled inexplicably – freezing my tab and nearly losing me my post.

      Good job, Microsoft.

  • I’m always suspicious of the fact recruiters do these. Has nobody else had a recruiter ring them about a role to find out it’s hopelessly mischaracterised or at least poorly named (“It’s a senior webmaster role, what you’ll be doing is fixing Windows servers…”)? It’s also common to throw the words junior and senior around interchangeably depending on whether they want to put downward pressure on the salary or upward pressure on the prestige.

    It’s neat to see a senior BA makes $120k in Sydney but while Peoplebank are deciding what that is and for that matter what $120k is (“is that before or after super?”) I’ll take it with a pinch of salt.

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