Where Have IT Salaries Actually Changed?

IT salaries in Australia are largely static at the moment, but there are areas where salaries are falling (and a handful where they are improving). We’ve drilled through the latest Peoplebank Salary Index to find the at-risk positions.

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The overwhelming finding of the latest index is that salaries are virtually unchanged since the last quarter across all roles. In the positions which the organisation tracks, there were no changes at all for any permanent roles outside of Sydney and Melbourne.

As Peoplebank CEO Peter Acheson noted: “The downward swing in ICT projects has meant there are more skilled ICT professionals looking to fill available roles. While this is exerting downward pressure on salaries and contracts, we are not seeing a fall in payscales. Rather, employers are taking advantage of the increased talent pool to hire industry’s most skilled and experienced ICT professionals at standard rates.”

However, there were a handful of jobs where salaries fell, and an even more select group where salaries rose. If you’re a project manager in Melbourne, switching employers is unlikely to be wise right now. Conversely, project co-ordinators in Sydney are doing a little better.

Sydney Intermediate Project Coordinator $75,000 $80,000
Sydney Senior Project Coordinator $80,000 $85,000
Melbourne Junior Business Analyst $80,000 $70,000
Melbourne Intermediate Business Analyst $120,000 $100,000
Melbourne Senior Business Analyst $120,000 $140,000
Melbourne Intermediate .Net Developer $85,000 $80,000
Melbourne Senior .Net Developer $130,000 $120,000
Melbourne Intermediate Java Developer $55,000 $60,000
Melbourne Senior Java Developer $130,000 $115,000
Melbourne Senior J2EE Architect $160,000 $150,000
Melbourne Intermediate Oracle Developer $75,000 $80,000
Melbourne Intermediate Solutions Architect $120,000 $130,000
Melbourne Junior Test Analyst $70,000 $60,000
Melbourne Intermediate Test Analyst $90,000 $80,000
Melbourne Senior Test Analyst $110,000 $100,000
Melbourne Intermediate Test Manager $130,000 $140,000
Melbourne Senior Test Manager $150,000 $160,000
Melbourne Junior SAP Basis Administrator $85,000 $80,000
Melbourne Intermediate SAP Basis Administrator $110,000 $120,000
Melbourne Senior SAP Basis Administrator $130,000 $140,000
Melbourne Junior Security Engineer $85,000 $90,000
Melbourne Intermediate Web Developer – Front End $80,000 $75,000
Melbourne Junior Project Manager – Applications $100,000 $95,000
Melbourne Intermediate Project Manager – Applications $120,000 $115,000
Melbourne Senior Project Manager – Applications $160,000 $150,000
Melbourne Junior Project Manager – Infrastructure $100,000 $95,000
Melbourne Intermediate Project Manager – Infrastructure $120,000 $115,000
Melbourne Senior Project Manager – Infrastructure $160,000 $150,000

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