Where The IT Jobs Are In Every Major City

Wondering where the biggest demand for new IT roles will be in the next six months? Here's what you can expect in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide — and how much you'll be paid.

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Recruitment firm Robert Walters recently released its half-yearly summary of hiring intentions and expected salaries in those five cities. (We've regularly collated data from Peoplebank's similar quarterly surveys on this topic, and we'll continue to cover those in the future as well.)

Apologies to people in Tasmania, the Northern Territory and the ACT — no data from there. (The last is slightly odd given the large government IT base in Canberra.)

City By City

Here's where the greatest growth in demand will be, according to the study:


For Sydney, there's demand for SAP Hana skills, MDM experience, devops, Linux, SharePoint developers and mobile app developers. (Robert Walters does a more detailed analysis for Sydney than other cities.) There's no dominant trend in salaries — it very much depends on the sector.


Lots of demand for mobile developers, and also in specialist cloud and NBN sectors. Salaries may rise slightly towards the end of the year.


Project managers and business analysts have the strongest hiring prospects. Hiring is expected to increase, in part because freezes on government hires for projects have ended.


Lots of options in Perth, with demand for system administrators, network engineers, IT support staff and corporate site developers. However, salaries aren't expected to rise.


The biggest demand is for skills in cloud, SharePoint, business analysis and project management. Salaries are expected to remain stable (there's an excess of good candidates, apparently).

What You'll Earn

These are the predicted salary ranges for selected jobs in each of those cities. Salaries include superannuation but don't include benefits or bonuses.

Role Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide
ERP/CRM/BI Consultant 90-120K 90-120K 100-125K 90-130K 95-120K
Web Developer 65-75K 80-110K 60-80K 60-85K 55-75K
Developer 75-100K 60-90K 55-80K 65-90K 60-90K
Systems Administrator 65-95K 65-90K 70-95K 65-90K 60-85K
Helpdesk/Desktop Support 55-75K 50-70K 55-75K 50-70K 45-65K

You can grab the full outline for each city from the link below.

Robert Walters


    Sooooo Canberra?

      As mentioned in the post, Canberra isn't covered by RW (which does seem unusual, but recruitment is often a city-by-citu affair).

        Yeah I didn't really express what I meant in the 'Soooo Canberra?' remark. I meant more along the lines of why the heck does it seem to always get ignored.

        There's a decent amount of IT work down here. I've known people to reject job offers from Amazon for better paid developer roles in the ACT. Web development seems to be doing quite well down here too.

        Oh well, tis the circle-jerk disdain for Canberra I guess.

    Hi Angus,
    In Sydney section, what do you mean by "MDM" in "MDM experience"?

    Thank you,

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