Dealhacker: BlackBerry PlayBook For $280

When the PlayBook came out, the 64Gb model cost $799. Now Catch Of The Day has that model it for $269.95 (plus $10 postage). Given the plans to allow the PlayBook to upgrade to BlackBerry 10, that's a good deal. [Catch Of The Day]


    Do not bother with the Playbook. It is by far the worst investment ever.

    Get yourself an iPad or an Android tablet; do yourself this favour

      So why is it as allegedly bad as you think it is?

        First of all, it was not charging properly at first. Took about 40 mins to get to 1%. There is no real fix from what I read online. The graphics are only okay to my taste; I am pretty sure that other tablets can perform as well. I am not sure if I got a bad one but the buttons are kind of semi stuck.

        Apps are more expensive than on other platform but this can fluctuate a lot. At the time of purchase, the Playbook was lacking a few basic functionalities but I believe this is fixed now although I cannot say how well implemented it is. The interaction is average to me.

        I believe that the power of a tablet comes from the apps, which basically extends/modify the functionality. The "app gap" is huge and there was this project of porting Android apps to Blackberry but the developer in me says this is a big receipt for disaster. Android is having a hard time already managing its apps for the many various hardwareand a couple of months earlier Google had to remove many apps from Market. And RIM wants to push that onto Blackberry?! RIM management is also a mess.

        There is nothing special with the tablet that any other tablet cannot do. I do not want to raise the debate of which tablet is better but compared to Apple and Android, RIM got a lot to catch up. You could argue that they are doing something about it but the fact is they are just catching up. Microsoft is releasing Surface to take a slice of the market. I find the future of the Playbook to be pretty bad, meaning limited support and also a soon-to-be outdated device

    There's a reason things end up on Catch of the Day.

    I'd probably jump at the chance if it was a 16/32gb for around the $200 mark, but 64gb is just paying for space I wont use.

      Hi Stove, you might be interested in this link I found on Whirlpool:

      $149 for 16gb ones.

        Thanks to you, I've finally got myself a decent 7" tablet for a reasonable price. Awesome.

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