Dealhacker: BlackBerry PlayBook For $280

Dealhacker: BlackBerry PlayBook For $280

When the PlayBook came out, the 64Gb model cost $799. Now Catch Of The Day has that model it for $269.95 (plus $10 postage). Given the plans to allow the PlayBook to upgrade to BlackBerry 10, that's a good deal. [Catch Of The Day]


      • Hardware;
        First of all, it was not charging properly at first. Took about 40 mins to get to 1%. There is no real fix from what I read online. The graphics are only okay to my taste; I am pretty sure that other tablets can perform as well. I am not sure if I got a bad one but the buttons are kind of semi stuck.

        Apps are more expensive than on other platform but this can fluctuate a lot. At the time of purchase, the Playbook was lacking a few basic functionalities but I believe this is fixed now although I cannot say how well implemented it is. The interaction is average to me.

        I believe that the power of a tablet comes from the apps, which basically extends/modify the functionality. The “app gap” is huge and there was this project of porting Android apps to Blackberry but the developer in me says this is a big receipt for disaster. Android is having a hard time already managing its apps for the many various hardwareand a couple of months earlier Google had to remove many apps from Market. And RIM wants to push that onto Blackberry?! RIM management is also a mess.

        There is nothing special with the tablet that any other tablet cannot do. I do not want to raise the debate of which tablet is better but compared to Apple and Android, RIM got a lot to catch up. You could argue that they are doing something about it but the fact is they are just catching up. Microsoft is releasing Surface to take a slice of the market. I find the future of the Playbook to be pretty bad, meaning limited support and also a soon-to-be outdated device

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