BlackBerry PlayBook Due In Australia Calendar Q2

As BlackBerry addicts and tablet fiends, we've been excited about the BlackBerry PlayBook ever since it was initially announced. BlackBerry's first tablet device is released in the US on April 19, and Research in Motion has confirmed to us that it will see an Australian release in the second calendar quarter, though an exact date hasn't been finalised.

One of the more fascinating aspects of the PlayBook is that it will be able to run Android apps as well as native BlackBerry titles, which gives it a really interesting scope in terms of potential applications. We're looking forward to having a proper test play with one in the near future, and naturally we'll be posting about it as soon as that happens.


    Excited? For God's sake why?

    Every new revelation about the PlayBook shows it to be a bigger joke than the one before - expensive, late, no internet or email without a connected BB, no native apps for who knows how long (SDK is still an unreleased wip), lots of Android and misc BB apps, but only running in a clunky VM/emulation environment (oh yeah, that'll do wonders for battery life and user experience). An old hacked up RTOS that is obviously unsuitable for a consumer or business tablet that is a totally different architecture to the OS BB runs. How is this a good idea?

    It's going to be an inconsistent, slow, limited and expensive mess of a product that even BB fans (a rapidly declining population to begin with) will find hard to love. Oh well, at least it'll make the Xoom look good.

      Yeah well for an hours work in Flash they're sending me one for free. I now love Blackberry

      They've actually already got some of the more popular third-party apps in native versions, which means they must have released the SDK ahead of time to those they knew would take good advantage of it.

      The techering to an existing blackberry and it's data connection is a bonus - I admit I'd prefer it was optional rather than the sole avenue - but I also think they might be doing something tricky there. They've already let slip the fact that the playbook will have its own PIN, which means some things it does on the blackberry network will be without a required Blackberry...and also that users will be able to group multiple devices under a single account. That road leads straight to complete wireless sync of contacts, bbm, and apps.

      As for the OS, It's playing the long game - They're doing what Palm did with webOS, but before it reached that stage. They're doing just what apple did with their jump to OSX. They realise that their OS has certain limitations put upon it by the fact it was originally designed for very limited devices, so they're jumping to a much more flexible and extensible UNIX based system. The only difference is that they're doing it while their normal OS still has some life in it, which might give them some extra breathing room.

      I hope it pays off in the long run for them, but we'll just have to wait and see.

      I smell an iSheep

      Clearly David is an iaddict and has neither seen, tested or researched this device. He has no factual information about rapidly declining BB popultation and no idea about the OS on the device (which actually runs on some millitary hardware I believe). I bet when the iphone came out it was a totally different architecture to the iMac, how surprising. How about some factual comments or your positives if you really have reviewed this devices. Negativity

    I won an iPhone in a competition. I used it for a few months because I am a sucker for pier pressure. I like to think I am stylish and maybe a little cool. Well I have dumped it for my blackberry storm2 which is way better and cant wait for the 7inch tablet which will be an excellent adjunct to the blackberry. It means i dont need to have a new service or continuously swap sim cards to the 7 inch - I know that the blackberry seamlessly tethers my laptop now and look forward to having a device that i can leave in my handbag at all times to use all the great functions. Why do we listen to iphone fanatics?

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