Dealhacker: BlackBerry PlayBook For $199

Dealhacker: BlackBerry PlayBook For $199

Seven-inch tablets are all the rage again thanks to the Nexus 7, but that’s not the only game in town. For $199, the 16Gb PlayBook is a very appealing choice (Flash support, anybody?). You’ll also be able to upgrade it to BlackBerry 10 when that hits next year. [MLN via OzBargain]


  • Both this and the nexus 7 have one major draw back for me – 16GB and no expandable memory. If I was going to buy one of these units the playbook does look like the better option

  • Does anyone think that it’s worth purchasing Blackberry? The thing is, they could be dead in a year or two and then no Blackberries ever and no support.

    • Barry, given the massive install base of BB devices and the Enterprise/Govt clients that make up +90% of those users.. it’s unlikely that BB woud just disappear in 1-2 years, no matter what happens to RIM.

      Somehow, someone somewhere would pickup up the BIS technology and keep it running, even if that turned out to be the US Govt, surely one of the biggest users. I can’t see that level of customer switching to iOS or Android, when the success of BB has been built around it’s impeccable security model.

      Having said all that, you couldn’t give me a Playbook and have me use it… I use the BB for work because that’s what we have to use, but I much prefer my iPhone for personal and LOVE the look of the Galaxy S 3 to replace the iPhone 4 shortly. iOS and Android is what “people” will use. BB is what Enterprise/Govt use.

      Where Windows RM fits into all that… who knows… time will tell I guess.

  • Got one of these from a conference for free. I disliked it so much, I bought a nexus 7 instead. It’s a polished OS, but the polish is only skin deep.

  • Weird. I picked up a 16gb playbook for $10 from just a few weeks ago, at the recommendation of a lifehacker commenter. I guess they were selling off excess stock, because I can’t find that model on the site anymore.

  • “very appealing choice”?!
    may be appealing to BB fanboys, but for the vast majority of ppl, BB is very much passe, even as a smartphone.
    as a tablet option, you’ve got to be kidding. I know you’re a major BB user, and that’s fair enough. but, seriously, do you think anyone other than a very small segment of the readers would find this appealing at any level?!

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