BlackBerry PlayBook On Sale In Australia June 20

We've known for a while that BlackBerry's PlayBook tablet was due for release in Q2, and now we have a firm date: June 20. The device will sell through Optus, Telstra and Vodafone, as well as via Harvey Norman.

Plan pricing from those carriers hasn't been announced, but the outright buy price for the 16GB model will be $579 — which, not so coincidentally, is the exact same price you'll pay for an iPad 2 with the same memory. There's also a 32GB and 64GB model — no prices on those yet, but again I suspect the iPad 2 pricing of $689 and $799 will be a pretty good indicator. Update: BlackBerry has confirmed that the prices will indeed be the same as for Wi-Fi iPad 2 models.

I enjoyed the BlackBerry PlayBook during my initial preview, and I've been playing with a review model — full report on Lifehacker later this week.


    I particularity want to compare it with the Xoom , ie how does it stack up CPU/Memory and I/O features etc

    Would be great to have a release date for tee Galaxy Tab 10.1...anyone...huh...?

    Available 20 June? I already have one - had it for a week. Pros: can use my favourite flash-based Japanese learning website. Cons: not many [good] apps yet.

    I too have BB Playbook - little dissapointed that I can't find a RDP app for it.

    Does anyone know if the will be one?

    you can get BB Playbook from $1 cheaper than harvey norman with free delivery and they have genuine BB accessories for the playbook.

      I brought the BB 16GB version fro Harvey Norman a week ago......managed to beat the price down to $500. This is better than the BB online store. Harvey Norman had hardly any accessories, however the BB online store is out of stock with most items anyway :)

    tab 10.1 available this week @

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