Phantom Mobile Phone Vibration Is A Sign You Need A Tech Break

Your phone is vibrating in your pocket — but when you check, it really isn't. The good news is you're not going crazy. This phenomenon, called phantom phone vibration syndrome, is increasingly common. The bad news is you might have a tech addiction.

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Larry Rosen, professor of psychology at California State University and author of a book on technology, iDisorder, says lots of people are patting their pockets all day, feeling phantom vibrations that may be a sign of tech anxiety:

Our body is always in waiting to anticipate any kind of technological interaction, which usually comes from a smartphone. With that anticipatory anxiety, if we get any neurological stimulation, our pants rubbing against our leg for example, you might interpret that through the veil of anxiety, as "Oh, my phone is vibrating."

In this increasingly connected world, the syndrome is fairly common. Here's how to tell if imaginary cell phone vibrations is a cause for concern: Ask yourself if you feel anxious about being connected and whether that anxiety is interfering with anything else in your life.

To counter the anxiety, Rosen suggests not carrying your device 24/7 and taking 10 to 15 minute tech breaks every couple of hours to reset your brain. Good advice, whether you've got phantom cell phone vibration syndrome or not. Also, learn to live without push notifications and turn on only the actionable alerts to preserve your sanity and make you more productive.

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    I thought I was the only one who got this!

      Nope, i get it as well, which is weird because i dont call myself a tech addict.

        Same. I get this as well but it's impossible for me to be addicted to my phone because my phone is an ancient Nokia. It doesn't even have the internet.

    I've been getting this for about a year now,only the left thigh though,rarely the right. I've 1 or 2 30something males who also get these annoying symptoms and yes we all rely on tech to get through our day. We all use Smartphones,I didn't notice it with the less useful older phones.

    LOL... I totally have this happen. I thought I was a little nuts... well.. you know what I mean...... is that my phone ?!?!?

    I get this too,almost always on my left thigh at pocket height. It's common amongst my peers- 30 something males.

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