Every New Product Samsung Announced At Unpacked 2021

Every New Product Samsung Announced At Unpacked 2021
Image: Samsung
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Samsung’s latest Unpacked event brought the goods with four new products in the Galaxy line-up. If you’re a fan of foldable phones, new headphones or smartwatches then this is good news for you.

Here’s a breakdown of everything announced at Samsung’s August Unpacked.

Galaxy Z Fold3

samsung unpacked fold3
Image: Samsung

The third iteration of Samsung’s flagship foldable phone has made some improvements yet again.

The major change to make note of is stylus support, which goes hand in hand with the Galaxy Z Fold3’s added durability.

The Fold3 is made from an armour aluminium frame with Gorilla Glass Victus on the screen. This tougher material means the Fold can withstand pressure from a stylus and users will be able to purchase a special S-Pen designed specifically for use with the new phone.

Samsung has also made the Fold3 water-resistant and has shaved off a few millimetres to make it slimmer and more pocketable than ever.

The Galaxy Fold 3 will come in three colours — Phantom Black, Phantom Green and Phantom Silver.

The Fold3 will be available in Australia on September 10 at $2,499 (256GB) and $2,649 (512GB). Pre-orders are available now.

Galaxy Z Flip3

galaxy flip3
Image: Samsung

Not to be forgotten is Samsung’s other foldable, the Galaxy Flip3.

The Flip 3 is the smaller foldable from Samsung, but make no mistake, this is no traditional flip phone.

The Flip3 features two screens. The inner display is 6.7 inches AMOLED with a 120Hz refresh rate but it’s the cover screen that got a major upgrade this year.

The outer display on the Flip3 has quadrupled in size to bring a 1.9-inch screen on the outside of the phone. This larger display is capable of new features like displaying widgets for messages, weather and even taking selfies with the front camera.

Like the Fold3, durability and water resistance was a big focus for Samsung and the Flip3 is also made using armour aluminium and Gorilla Glass Victus. It’s also shaved off a few millimetres from its previous design to become the slimmest Flip model yet.

The Flip3 is being released in a plethora of colours with cream, green, lavender and phantom black all options.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 is launching in Australia on September 10 at $1,499 (128GB) and $1,599 (256GB). Pre-orders are available now.

Galaxy Watch 4

galaxy watch4 samsung
Image: Samsung

Samsung’s new smartwatch is coming in two iterations this year: the Galaxy Watch4 and the Galaxy Watch4 Classic.

The major difference between the two models is design. The Galaxy Watch4 is more simplistic whereas the Watch4 Classic has rotating bezels that look more similar to a traditional watch.

Both Galaxy Watch4 models are thinner and come in a huge variety of colours and watch straps.

One of the new health aspects of the Watch4 is a new BioActive Sensor that is capable of PPG, ECG and BIA scans. Another cool addition is the body composition analysis which gives you a better idea of the makeup of your body like BMI and body fat.

The watch operating system has also been significantly improved with new and improved apps, designed for the Watch4.

Hardware-wise, the Watch4 has a 5nm processor, a higher resolution display, a longer-lasting fast charge battery and extended memory at 16Gb.

The new Galaxy Watch4 models will be available for purchase in Australia from September 10. The Galaxy Watch4 starts at $399 and the Watch4 classic starts at $549.

Galaxy Buds2

Every New Product Samsung Announced At Unpacked 2021
Image: Samsung

Rounding out the announcements is Samsung’s new wireless earbuds, the Galaxy Buds2.

The new earbuds feature active noise-cancelling technology, ambient sound control and a three microphone system.

The Galaxy Buds2 are said to have five hours of playback with ANC and have been redesigned to be the smallest and snuggest buds yet.

They’ll come in a range of fancy new colours including graphite, white, olive and lavender.

The Galaxy Buds2 will be available from (you guessed it) September 10 and will cost $219 in Australia.

That’s everything from Samsung’s latest event. You can pre-order your new gadget of choice over on Samsung’s website.

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