Mount Your Power Strip To Your Desk With A Wire Basket For Easy Access

Mount Your Power Strip To Your Desk With A Wire Basket For Easy Access

We’ve shared a lots of different ways to manage the cables under your desk, but Instructables user getgreg offers a simple solution that gives you super easy access to your power strip. All you need is a wire basket.

This method isn’t all that different from something like the rain gutter solution, but it has one simple addition: with a large enough wire basket, you can actually fit the plugs in your surge protector through the holes. That way, if you ever need to plug something in or take it out, you don’t have to go swimming in a sea of tangled cables — you can just reach up, unplug it and throw something else inside.

On its own, it doesn’t fit a ton of cables, but coupled with something like this binder clip method or a few Cablox cubes, you could probably have a pretty clean system going on under your desk.. Hit the link to see how he put it together.

How to Mount a Power Strip (and Power Bricks) Under Your Desk [Instructables]


  • if your cords/plugs are dodgy enough to electrify the cage, they’re going to electrocute you anyway

    but! for peace of mind – they do make plastic-coated wire baskets.

  • An OH&S disaster waiting to happen.No workplace in a company bigger than 20 people would allow this and the compilanxe tech that has to come around every year to approve things wouldnt give it a label.

  • I can see a short circuit happening if there’s any movement in the cables, and it’s certainly not going to pass any electrical testing. Perhaps a strong plastic basket would be safer.

    • Yep, most (but not all) power boards I’ve seen have screw holes on the underside. I have a 5 outlet power board mounted directly to the underside of my desk using two screws and these mounting holes. Then the cables get routed and coiled as required in an ikea cable management tray towards the back of the desk underside. Very organised, and best of all, no cables hanging down to get your feet caught up in.

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