DIY Binder Clip Cable Management Is Cheap And Customisable

DIY Binder Clip Cable Management Is Cheap And Customisable

We’ve talked about binder clips so much you’re probably sick of hearing about them, but Lifehacker reader 3rdspaced has found yet another way to integrate them into his workspace: as a cheap, ultra-customisable cable management solution.


If you’re using a laptop, they make great cable catchers, but when it comes to managing a large mess of cables we’ve always opted for solutions like the IKEA Signum line. However, this solution offers one thing those don’t: instead of bundling up your cables in one tray, you can group them together and route each group wherever you want (which is the same thing I love about the previously mentioned Cablox pad). And, for just a few bucks, it’s one of the cheapest options you’ll find, too. Check out the Instructables link below for the full how-to.

Computer Cable Management on the Cheap [Instructables]


  • look good until you have to move something or unplug a cable then its a pain.not to mention i don’t want to put holes in my wall or damage my desk so my options for mounting and hiding cables are even more limited.

    • By pain do you mean pushing open a binder clip?
      Also you can’t really say putting screws on the underside of your desk is damaging it, you do realise that’s how they attach the legs?

      • Ease up. Crawling under your desk and fiddling with binder clips IS a pain. Drilling holes in the side of your desk IS damaging it. The method is not all roses and chocolates as Mark points out.

        • we kinda already realised that. it’s called lifehacker, not ‘sit on your arse and buy things’. what is the deal with ppl like mark coming in and whinging about these things.

          Mark are you trying to convince us it’s too hard? Some of us are ok with it. Go have a nap.

  • I went to my local hard ware store and bought a bunch of hooks (the hook size is maybe the size I’d a twenty cent piece) and installed them to the underside if the desk.

    The drawback is that if you have more than three cords you’ll need to bundle them with some string, a simple cow hitch, followed by a half hitch is enough or a zip tie.

  • The other trick I use, is when running cables from the floor to the desk, is to run them up the back side of the leg. If the leg is say metal, clear sided tape is a good way to fix it in.

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